Our pinless calling features, NO PIN NO PAIN!

Amazing features for an amazing calling experience!

CyberTel Pinless ("PINLESS") takes great pride in providing our customers real value for their hard earned money. In addition to our competitive pricing we offer added features to enrich our customer's calling experience.


A HOT NUMBER is a SPECIAL ACCESS NUMBER which can be programmed to a pre-set destination phone number. When you dial the HOT NUMBER, the pre-set destination phone number is dialed automatically. This helps our customers to set local numbers for International Phone numbers and DIAL DIRECTLY!


A SPEED DIAL number is a numeric number to which a destination telephone number is pre-set by the user. This allows the user to avoid dialing the full destination number. Dial the Access number, Press Speed Dial number and your destination phone number is dialed for you!


Recharge your pinless or calling card account online, anytime! anywhere! Your account is updated instantly. Login to your account and click account recharge. Select the amount to be credited and your done.
CyberTel USA helps keep the conversation going!


Now you can recharge your pinless or calling card account over the phone. You can recharge by phone in two ways:

  • Visit a "PINLESS" Recharge store and buy a rechargeable card, call the dedicated recharge hotline (866-376-5755) and follow the prompt.
  • If you have an existing credit card in your "PINLESS" account, Call the recharge hotline (866-376-5755), select recharge by credit card and follow the prompt.

It's easy and it's instant.